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I'm not arguing about the need for a wallpaper. Only the impractical way to hide it in the comments of a suppoort thread.


impractical way to hide it, what a load of garbage, you think bot wants to go thru all this crap over a impractical way to hide it , jesus, ive never entered a cheapaz chips comp yet but i do know this , it requires a background, and so do you, like any other comp, were you born thick or does it just come naturally ??

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For the users whit a gigabyte 1030 oc

The voltage controller for the vcore is a up1542s.

Same chip on a msi gt 730 " mod from Lucky noob @ jagat oc "



The Mem controler and readout points i don't have fount jet


Edit 1 : I like to add foto , but option is not working


Edit 2 : I found the mem and core voltage readoud point , and i think ( not 100% sure ) the men voltage controller up8801


Vmod not working :( , card stil alive

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hey dopies ^^^^^, when has there ever been a comp held without a wallpaper needed ???? you know damn well what is required, even if there is a glitch with it , so stop the bull...shit talk !!!!!


And there has always been other rules in other comps... does not mean they apply to any future comp - right? Or should a user ASSUME what rules apply. Geeze.


^^ yeah, oldies. :P

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