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Grace period for new hardware releases

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This idea came up in another thread recently and I noticed some people were for it and some against, so figured it might be interesting to have a poll on this.




With the 7970 being so powerful, its release had quite an effect on the rankings. The old-gend GTX580 used to be king of the hill, but even a stock-cooled 7970 can beat those scores now. The main issue is that availability isn't optimal around the globe and it sort of gives an unfair advantage to those who can buy one straight away at launch and those who don't.




As a buffer to this effect of new hardware releases, we could install a 'grace period' during which submissions with the new technology doesn't affect the user rankings. This means that for a certain period of time, having access to the latest greatest before the rest of the world would not benefit you instantly in the rankings.


How it works (example)


So, let's assume the following for the upcoming GTX 780:


- official media launch: April 1st

- official retail launch: April 15th


The Grace Period for new releases could, for instance, be:


- pro oc league: 0 days

- overclockers league: 14 days

- enthusiast league: 21 days


In which case, points acquired from GTX 780 submissions would contribute to your personal total:


- pro oc league: April 1st

- overclockers league: April 30th

- enthusiast league: May 5th


Applicable hardware


As far as I'm concerned it's only necessary to use this grace period for big new releases and not really necessary to apply it to every single piece of hardware (ie: low-end GTS 750). The main effect is on the global rankings, not the hardware rankings.


FYI - these would be the hardware that had grace periods over the last couple of years:


- X79 platform

- Sandy Bridge platform

- Bulldozer (lol)

- GTX 580

- GTX 480

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You can give it any period you want - it just doesn't make sense. Besides, it usually takes over 2 weeks (more like two months) for software, availability and mods to mature.

Being able to get to buy hardware first has always been a "part of the game", early scores will drop in ranks very quickly anyway.

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Agree with Sam. People who buy on release day get a short-term massive boost in points, which will very likely be lost quickly as drivers mature, mods are developed and 3rd-party PCBs come to market.


2 or 3 weeks might not make any difference to easy availability across most of the world. It will reduce the geographical difference but not eliminate it.



Nice idea though :) A time delay might have interesting effects in keeping the Enthusiast league "affordable" though :)

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Gotta go with no on this one. The "No points until NDA lift" rule is enough.


It's not HWBot's job to make sure that people have access to the same HW at the same time; it's not HWBot's job to adjust so that the people that can't buy the HW don't have their scores beaten. And it's not the guy's fault that he lives in a country that got stock of the card before another country... That's the world we live in; there are large markets and there are small markets, and people living in large markets will more often than not get the latest HW before those living in smaller markets.


And then there is the main concern I have... You start adding/modifying rules just to please a segment of the community and pretty soon there will be another group asking for a new rule because they feel they're getting an unfair share. Just recognize that you won't always be able to please everyone and implement the rules that make the site better with the least amount of overhead.

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Not in support since it will be a waste of time for Hwbot admin if nothing else. New hardware will trump old in Global is something every overclocker knows and should expect. A delay/drop in points for 15-30 days should not make a difference atleast in the normal leagues. And Pro-OC where such a drop may matter is anyways the one which is manufacturers playground so such a rule will be ridiculous.

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This vote is pretty one sided. It's the luck of the draw - one country may have an etailer that sells early one time, and next release it could be another. There could be scope in the enthusiast league (where money, volt mods, access to hardware before release and big ass air coolers are needed). The only time new a hardware release would *adversely* affect the rankings is if a manufacturer decides to have an event based on the top 10 the day after release. Almost everyone knows the status quo, and can tell if people are just up in the rankings due to getting hardware or actually putting effort in.

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  • Crew

no points till official NDA lift... nothing more, nothing less... like mentioned before and in the other thread :


Early scores get easily beaten by newer drivers, new mods,new firmwares etc... Boost can be of a sort of a fixed nature ( as with Andre's scores ) or can be temporary like many early adopters on air clocks... everything will stabilise in the end...

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I agree with Sam, K404 and xXSebaSXx. It's not responsibility of HWBot try to keep the users with similar hardware, is the users responsibility try to get the latest hardware to compete and be on the top.


While is true that many guys (including me) can't buy the hardware as soon is released, you can always work hard with what you have and try to be on the top for some day get a sample of those CPUs or GPUs.


The rank change everyday, all the time, a "grace period" for new hardware is just a way to delay the inevitable: New records, big jumps in rank and those stuffs.

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  • Crew

I liek the idea at the beginning but to be honest, you can't control the flow of hardware.. what about some very limited card like the MARS ? shoudl the grace period be even longer or jsut not counted in the ranking ? due to poor availibility.. etc..


I think it's not worth the work and will be a bit confusing in the end.

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I think it's not worth the work and will be a bit confusing in the end.


That's about as succinct as it gets. Benches on NDA release is fine by me. Sure, a few will get some great scores...but they're gone the next week. In the 7970 case I had moved up to #36 in the pro league (yay me!) but now I'm back down to #50 (partially because I have no GPU pot).


Wait, no...there should be a one month waiting period! that way I can be higher longer and not be so sad so soon. Yea, that's it. Cater to me!!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:


(Seriously, no change is needed, enforcement is impossible...let it be.)

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Since when I am the only one who can see the positive aspects of such idea?


I like that idea somehow, as even I could buy 7970 right away, I still have fun with 580 GTX.

CPU-wise I am mostly "0-day" bencher like with GT or SB but GPU-wise it is much more different.


So I'm in trouble here - for GPUs it would give me a 2-week "grace period" for CPUs it would be 2-week waiting...


...oh wait I am in Pro-league now :eek: Still not sure how I got there but I am doomed to bench anything at 0-day or fall in rankings...

that is what Pro-OC is all about so I am not granted rights to ask for changes :D

still enthusiast and oc-league should not be "crushed" by new hardware on release-day. but I seem to be alone with this opinion ;)

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I don't really like all the new thoughts where we want to make everyone average Joe's, if you have the resources, then you SHOULD have an advantage. That's how a proper competition works. This is a prime example, one week isn't enough because people "don't have time" (I put it that way because people do have time, unless they work 18h/day - it's just about priorities).

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