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You know you benched too much when...


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...you think about hiring somebody to upload your scores... :D


...you have more hardware on the desk than friends on facebook...


...you are not sure anymore how many SandyB1tches you have binned...


...you beat Andre Yang in Pro-OC league on a saturday afternoon...


...you feel like hwbot-moderators are your friends :P


...you have Christian Ney in your hwbot-forum-friendlist :celebration:

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...when your browser crashes you automatically take a glance at a near-monitor shelf where you usually place the Fluke while benching


...when you know so much about hardware that you always get rejected for any sort of hardware-related job


...when pouring tea out from a thermos, you're pretending to look as if you're pouring LN2

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... when the first thing you check on a event demo-system is the bios.


... when you can troubleshoot a hardware-related problem so fast, you feel the need to prolong the analysis to not make it look too easy.


... when you open a closet and find stuff you didn't even know you benched before.


... when a blue-screen error doesn't make you angry, but falls within expected system behavior.

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... when a blue-screen error doesn't make you angry, but falls within expected system behavior.




...when aspects that parents go for a walk outside to get all the available Kw meter to test the 4 way no surprises. (over 3Kw in Italy is for Paperon de paperoni budget)


...when looking for the button clr_cmos but the mobo has a jumper, and when looking for the jumper and the mobo has the button.


...when you find an occasion used some interesting hardware and you put in the queue and then IMMEDIATELY once purchased and arrived home to keep for months in the closet and forget about it.


...when the new GPU is available the first page you read is the PCB screen for estimate the VRM max power.

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If you short the wrong pins on a UD9, the board doesn't die, but the user might.







Maybe I should have this shirt made for the next time I see Sergio?


lol that's the best t-shirt ever xD


it should say instead "killed with ease by UD9" xD


i remember how the UD9 killed 2 GPUs and the PSU when we tried to go 4 way SLI



chepo PSU detected, these noobs are going to learn the hard way


fortunately non of us touched the board while the execution, otherwise we'd still being suffering the casualties



news: "here lies the noob who tried to kill a UD9"

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