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Ivy Bridge 3570K/3770K Batch and Serial Numbers


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L206B302 didn't test max frq but only IMC


1600 BOOT

1800 CODE 23 haha


incredible but real.



PS: to who says CPU rated to 2133

tried 1600 1800 1866 2000 2133 2400 2666 2600


i RMA it tmr.

Still headbanging to dat music!

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3770K @ 6600 MHz

L212B252 # 0154


No CB, No CBB.


wPrime1024 with 6150MHz.




3770K @ 6100MHz

3213B440 #0399


CB @ -180°C, CBB @ -140°C


No benchmarks with that crap tested -.-

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not sure if I posted earlier in this thread... Thought I did.


Anyways, just figured out my MVG is coldbugged. Tested 3 chips in it so far. One chip was pretested to have no coldbug in another MVG, but coldbugged in mine around -110. The second chip coldbugged in this board at the same points, but ran full pot in another MVG immediately after that. Third chip also coldbugged in my board, and I resold it without testing in any other board.

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using the jumper on the board?


Yes. Followed all best practices in shaminos m5guide.docx and sins guide, regarding avoiding coldbugs. Ran same settings on both boards... One coldbugged with all three chips, two of those chips were tested in the other mvg and had no coldbugs. The first 3770k I sold for $20 less than I paid for it, because I thought it was a dud... It was probably fine too, just the board.


I'd like to take the bugged board out back and put it down, but will probably just sell it to someone who doesn't go cold and buy another/something else.


My results were really consistent with temps on all 3 chips coldbugging at the same point within 5C.

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Sucked 6.25ghz CPUs max...5950mhz max windows boot


Thats kinda sucky one indeed, but that 5GHz under 1.4volts just make me thinking that maybe this air binning isnt so accurate afterall for ALL chips.

Maybe some chips scales more with temps than voltage and others just opposite of that.. O.o


I have some kind of wall on my cpu, it can do 4.7GHz 1.28v, 4.8GHz 1.31v, 4.9GHz 1,35v, 5GHz 1.55v...


Il try tomorrow cool it down with single stage and see how those steps go with it.

If someone else have tested their chips it would be nice to know how they do :)

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L211B472 5000mhz 32M 1.45v 4c/8t

L211B472 4900mhz 1.44v fully stable for all benchies

L211B472 4500mhz 1.175v

L211B472 4000mhz 1.04v


All done on watercooling.


IMC: 1200mhz with 2 DIMM

IMC: 1066mhz with 4 DIMM


Tested on Extreme6.

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I suspect the rule is true, but has to be approached from 2 directions.


I *expect* that all 6.5GHz+ chips do 5GHz at 1.275-1.30v?


But not all chips that do 5GHz at 1.275-1.30v? will do 6.5GHz+



SoF.... your 5.8GHz Vs 6.5GHz comment.... what settings for that 5.8GHz?





HWB community needs a more rigid binning "procedure" if we are going to learn anything. People are using different voltages, different benchmarks, "cascade" means -80 to -105 and these chips are temperature sensitive, we all know that. # Cores enabled?





The framework for this is developing on HWB, but with a few more ....."rules"..... and better maintained threads, HWB can become the global go-to site for CPU batch performance info, when picking the right batch matters

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