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[Ivy-Bridge] IHS removal extreme Test


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In the interest of saving an order for TIM, does anyone know how Arctic MX-2 would behave cold? It spreads great into a very thin layer.


The only other TIM I have on-hand (and use for sub-zero) is Ceramique 2. Something tells me that would be about as good as the stock Intel TIM between the die & IHS.

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Liquid metal is no-go for subzero, when directly in contact with the die. Between metalls, down to -100 it is superior, but then stiffens up en give terrible results.
I also thought that. So GELID Extreme should be good enough.

You should have quite different thermal expansion coefficients on the liquid metal paste and the silicon. Dropping temperatures stiffens the LM-TIM and the different thermal expansion does the rest and leads to failure in the connection (mikro delamination) - On the other hand it is the best way for the 24/7-overclocker to engage better temps, sure... So for Sub0 the long-established GELID should also do a good job on both sides of the IHS. :)

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Zozolio and Rosty from octeamdenmark lost more than 200mhz

Chip was 6400 Spi 32M stabel

now ist a struggle to run spi 1M at 6.2Ghz.

no cb or cbb, Higher temp did not help.

We tryèd Titan nano and mx-2 with same result

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