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All Gemini's owners TAKE care


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Everybody knows that gemini is a really good cpu pot.BUT I will show what can happen IF you use it under dice or just ice like I did ( :P ).

My pot was insulated with armaflex and insulation tape,managed to ran many ln2 sessions without issues. One day I thought to prepare the system for the next day's dice session.

Used some normal ice to test the contact between cpu and pot's base.

Everything seemed to be ok but after 10minutes I saw some ml of water on the floor and turned off the pc immediately.

Water was from pot of course,but did not care about this to say the truth. The only think which was important for me was the cpu and I removed it.

here comes a photo of it:




So,what I want to say is: For DICE sessions ALWAYS SEAL Base to the body using insulation tape!!!


Ps. my cpu is still alive and working like new :D

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Guest Bullant
They leak LN2 sometimes too, watched a livestream where a guy ended up with LN2 all over his board when the gemini leaked.

The GPU pots leak acetone, too.

Yeah the guy on the live stream must have not sealed it properly,its common practice to seal it.I use painters tape and have never had a problem with ln2,i think its a awesome design and like the fact that it has two bases,im sorry but i just cant see how it can leak LN2 when its sealed with the correct tape and insulation unless its not done properly.I painters tape then armaflex and then tube.

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Guest Bullant

Yeah i say once you pour LN2 into it it would all freeze up and shrink anyway so it would seal it self.I painters tape first so when i armaflex it doesn't leave all that armaflex residue behind on my nice new pot

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You put Ice/water in your gemini pot on a running system?? :D

There is no need to seal the pot for Ln2..


Hey Vince,u know me I love gemini. :D

My FIRST insulation method was perfect for ln2.never had problems with it.

But didn't think that not using tape between base and body would be a problem -as it was ok for ln2- . ;)


Never blamed Vince and I will NOT.

Gemini is awesome. Just wanted to inform other people in order to avoid the same issue.

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I had a very bad experience with Koolance rev.2 pot and dice - plastic top can be easily removed when freezed because of different coefficient of thermal expansion of plastics and copper.


That'd be a rev1.

Rev2 is aluminum.


My tek9 (anodized top) leaked like a sieve, I put some clear silicone RTV on the seam inside and out, works great now.

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My Tek9 has leaked before. I just sealed it with tape on the outside to prevent it from happening in the future.


Vince, it may be a good idea to include that on the instructions that come with the pots.


As for the gpu pots, there were some pieces from the the first or second batch done from over one year ago in US of the older revision FAT with Anodized top/copper bottom(no nickel) teks that had some issues with acetone if you used really fluid mix, but like you said tape could fix it easy. With LN2 they all worked perfectly of course.

When I went out East and essentially started over from scratch with the designs and production, I wanted to make sure the gpu pots both fat and slim were leak proof even with acetone. The 6.0 version FAT and new slim with KINGPIN COOLING logo etched on the sides of both units work perfect, they are actually water tested now as part of the manufacturing process :D. Not really necessary to include literature with new gpu pots now.


As for gemini, it is meant to be a slip fit modular professional LN2 pot. It is 100% designed and intended for LN2 use. There are no issues with it if you use it with Ln2, it absolutely does not leak LN2. I DO NOT recommend to put water, lots of acetone, orange juice or anything other than LN2 you guys wanna put in it, unless you have taken extra steps to seal it. Then its ok. I designed a DRY ICE base and sealing grommet for it that works perfectly, but there was no demand for it so it stayed prototype. 99% of the guys who use this pot use it for LN2 because thats what the bases I sell it with are designed for.


FYI--I took 12 FAT units off the shelf yesterday and filled them with water for a few hrs in the lab, took a 300mb video of them to show they are not leaking at all. I'll create a KPC you tube channel this week and post the video there.

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