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Galaxy Overclocking Carnival 14th-15th dec. 2013 in Shanghai

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Hi at all,


due to being one of the contestants, I'd like to open this thread, to share as much information as possible, to prepare the right things for the event.


First of all, I'll introduce the contest.

It will have two event days. The first day will be the usual contest with given hardware.

The second day is a charity WR day. 11 benchmarks for breaking a world record!


What I grabbed until now is the following:


First day contest will be with Asrock z87 OCF as mainboard, Galaxy HOF graphics card, mem unknown, cpu onknown.


To all the contestants, please be so kind and join this thread, to have all guys listed officially.


Thanks and best regards


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Participants (full list I think)


Team 1: 張明仪/Pt1t

Team 2: Xtreme Addict/Splave

Team 3: SF3D/T0lsty

Team 4: Hazzan/Hero

Team 5: Dancop/Strategos San

Team 6: Stephen Yeong/8pack

Team 7: OC_Windforce/ZoLKoRn

Team 8: Matose/Shimizu

Team 9: Lucky_n00b/Littleboy

Team10: X800pro/Smoke


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Rules are out: http://www.overclocking-tv.com/content/events/19448/galaxy-goc-2013-shanghai/

PDF version: http://media.overclocking-tv.com/uploads/2013/12/GOC2013_Rules_1.0.pdf


"Classic Battle" + "Freestyle" (~ MSI MOA style). Classic battle is with 780 Ti, 4 benchmarks in 4 hours. That's gonna be tough if something goes wrong. USD 3000, 2000, 1000 for top3 is nice tho. Freestyle is with the 760, 4 hours with 11 benchmark choices. USD $1000 to charity for every (hardware class?) record. Not sure what Fire Strite is, but overall looks cool. A lot of preparation time

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