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Pro OC Championship Round 1


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Stage 1: 3DMark '01, Z170, single GPU. Dual core CPU

Stage 2: Fixed clock 5.5GHz XTU, Z170, 6700K

Stage 3: Heaven Extreme, Z170, single GPU

Stage 4: SuperPI 32M, Z170 + Dual core CPU

Stage 5: Maximum memory frequency, Z170


Submission windows:


Stage 1: Feb 6-7

Stage 2: Feb 20-21

Stage 3: Mar 5-6

Stage 4: Mar 19-20

Stage 5: Mar 26-27


Competition wallpaper:


coming soon


Confirmed Particpants:






Xtreme Addict

FireKillerGR + Phil


Pending Particpants:



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Submission windows means new Wallpaper for only two days?

So we have to bench within this Submission windows, or can we prepare scores and upload them in this time window?


We're trying to get the wallpaper together quickly so that you guys can get started.


You can bench anytime but can only submit your results during the "window"

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Just a reminder that the first stage opens up on 2/1/16 and at this time requires pre-registration to participate.


The submission window for stage 1 is 2/6/16-2/7/16


If you would like to compete in this competition please send me a PM so that I can get you set up.


Round 1 wallpaper:



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I'm out. It is impossible to find even half decent retail i3 now. All I get are week 37 and all are total crap. The two best on air did less than 5500MHz on LN2!


in the same boat bud :( no good 6320's are around. my only hope is that they are all out of stock and new batches should be coming in.


don't loose hope to easy, i think all of us are mostly in the same boat!

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Yes, I already tried to upload like this.

After uploading a Stage 1 score a message appears, that stage will open at 2016-02-06 12:00. So uploading is not possible. Also uploading score on hwbot mainpage and trying to link it to ProOC is not possible.


It seems Comp started at 2016-02-01, but Stages are still locked... seems to be ok for me :)


I guess Pre-Registering Deadline was 2016-02-01.


Current Stage 1 deadline is a bit strange. But I know that Mike took care of it and informed Massman, because Pieter didn't read my notice on Facebook.

Current Submission window is 6-7th Feb, but Stage 1 Deadline is 2016-02-07 00:00 UTC, which means window is only open for one second on 2016-02-07... lol... Pieter will extend deadline to 2016-02-07 12:00 UTC.


Submission windows seems to be 2016-02-06 12:00UTC to 2016-02-07 12:00UTC then! 24h

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So the submission window is not open? What do you complain about then? :P I just checked the rules and it says 6-7 so it cannot work


P.S. If you can´t submit at due date, leave a note, and nice heads up anyway, this needs clarification bc people thought 48 hours, seems 24 when it is 12-12 UTC from 6th to 7th

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