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Wall bug of sorts

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What does it mean when I get no entries in my wall feed about closed competitions and where I ranked and no longer seem to get updated points based on my comps that I have recently completed? It's like I never did them?

EDIT: Sorry didn't mean to revive an old thread - for some reason this showed up as new in my unread feed.

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i got this on my wall at least 1/2 hour before the competiton even finished, i looked at the clock and it was begore 9-30 pm here in australia and the comp was ending at 10 pm ????? lol, anyone could have subbed in that last 1/2 hour of the comp and taken my place an explanation please , or is it the time difference screwing things up ???


You were 4th in a competition: Challenger 2019 Division VII round 2 Intel / nVIDIA legacy

You gained a new achievement: contribute 2000 points to your team

You gained a new achievement: contribute 1000 points to your team



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10 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

we always disadvantage Down Under benchers on purpose… not your fault but your predecessors ?


Weird bug

well alby theres a lot of wierd bugs down here in down under, thats a given, its tehe nature of our land ?

but this bug surely doesnt come from here

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