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KaRtA - GA-EP45T-Extreme @ 736.6MHz - 736.6 MHz Reference Frequency


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3 hours ago, Noxinite said:

Didn't recognise it. Would it be possible for me to get a copy of the F4f BIOS please? I couldn't find it anywhere on the web.

I’ll upload and send you a link. In all honesty though. I saw no difference between this bios and the later ones for FSB. Haven’t checked anything mem related yet, board is trash when NB isn’t cold (won’t boot over 580fsb). 

3 hours ago, ground1556 said:

Crazy score, great work! Did you try Single sided memory if it makes a difference? How far could you get without CPUz open?

Not sure I have any  have some average D9 dimms here but didn’t try them.


1 hour ago, unityofsaints said:

Somehow you managed to beat your own score from last year by this much! Well done, great work 

You know. Drink too much, grab wrong CPU, get the worst mount possible. 

Start again next day same chip, get voltages spot on, temps perfect (ie, NB not cracked) and boom. 

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Ha, there is known good batches for these CPUs?? Think I went through over 80 CPU's last year, and picked the 6th best i tested on water on the REX. 

CPU Batch Q930A407. This one did the above FSB, have another that will do 32m 6G on the Rampage from the same batch. Both tested similar on the Rampage on water, this one CB at -132, the other I was able to go -150 on the Rampage.


For NB, I still have the pot mounted, when I pull it all down, I'll grab whatever numbers I can off it. Want to have one more go with another chip with what little LN2 I have left. Would be nice to even get a score in pi or something off too.

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