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Team Cup 2021 Planning Thread


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It's that time again for Yos to post a thread to remind people one of his two favorite yearly comps is coming up. Team Cup 2021 is about 3-4 months out now (assuming it starts when it always does) so I think it's a good idea to have people start suggesting stages so that mods can hopefully have the stages quasi set by a month before comp start. If stages are determined well ahead of time then people have a chance to complain and hopefully they won't complain too much after comp start (a pipe dream I know).

So anyways for my own suggestions, I think we should follow with the "memory divisions" style like normal although maybe add a "misc" section for stages that don't fit well like max memory frequency or non ddr 1,2,3,4 memory stages. I think it would be cool to see a stage that uses rdr or fbdimms, maybe even sdr. Would be good to smash all the weird ram into one stage if we do so you only need one sub with each. Would like to see an all out memory valid stage as well with no socket restrictions but smash it into one stage. Another stage that I'd enjoy but may not have enough support is a dogpile stage. I don't think we should do a dogpile for all mem types, just do one dogpile overall. I think it would go well into misc, make it a 3d bench so that memory type doesn't matter on cpu side. Could also do a gpu memory type stage if that's configurable (4 scores, 4 memory types).

Anyways that's just the weird stages I want to see, I want to see some am2, am3, superpi, ycruncher, x265, igpu, pyprime, 7zip, cinebench stages as well which I think people can agree with easily.

tldr; post what stages you want to see in team cup below

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To add to my already long wishlist I'd like to see a dual gpu card stage, one Timespy extreme ddr4 all out (multiple gpus allowed) stage, some kind of agp stage, would be cool to see a mobo igp stage as well where apu type cpus are banned. I think that would be basically amd am3/+, and pretty much anything ddr2 or technically workstation or server boards for xeons etc which don't have igp. While we're doing non standard 3d pci is interesting as well, maybe smash them all into a misc stage with no mem limits along with a hybrid graphics stage.

For ddr1 I wanna see socket A, 939, S478, and maybe s775 (no xeon, no core 2) 

Ddr2 maybe another s775 non Intel chipset stage or am2 cpu non amd chipset, although those are kinda sadistic even by my standards. Also an am2+ stage with the few phenom II based am2+ cpus banned (or for extra memes allowed), also 3d stages pre Fermi and pre HD 4000 series

Ddr3, one s775 stage, 1366, am3, am3+/fm2+, s1155, s1155 stage as well as the same time frames of 3d gpus mixed in

Ddr4, at least a few stages where global records can be set, some benchmate stuff, 3d on gcn4+ and maxwell+

And of course the classic benches like gpupi (cpu and gpu), Geekbench, cinebench, x265, superpi etc spread throughout 

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775 32m/wprime 1024 - DDR2

1366 32m/wprime 1024/cinebench

i9 9900/10900k whatever - take your pick

AM4 - ryzen 3k and 5k cpu - x265


Vantage - max 8C16T cpu - no RTX 3k cards

3Dm 11 extreme - 2x gpu or dual gpu

Fire Strike - all out single gpu, no limits

Port Royal - no RTX gpu's

3Dm 03 - maxwell and/or kepler - cpu 7GHz(7005 MHz) max

@ShaggySVK partially agrees

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Really hillarious and stupid idea from my side: make it as usual ddr1-4 stages (so 2019 style, not evry stage is a benchmark, but a ddr type again) all worth the same and then make a bonus stage worth half the points of each one of the ddr stages full of weird stuff/ dogpiles, so far not too stupid, so now for the stupid part which lead me to come up with this overall setup :D

I suggest since we have no ES rule for any competition that we mix up stuff and make a pre ddr4 ES only dogpile ideally with a singlethreaded bench, if that doesn't work, use CB 2003, ofc pics of the chips required for each sub :D

And for another odd stage how about a SPI 1M(or if only 3 subs 32M) non ddr mem 3(or if you want to make it really hard 4) subs with diffrent mem types, and then maybe 1-2 more substages for the bonus stage (again make these stages worth half the points of legit stages)

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On 4/24/2021 at 5:33 PM, ObscureParadox said:

No dogpile purely from a moderation perspective. Don't want to give Leeg thousands more subs to moderate in there.

Agreed - No dogshiite stage, too much trouble and not enough TIM for all that.

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