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YoungPro hits 241k 3DMark03 1x7970 with Ivy


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First of all; FU Massman, link to the real size pic, argh..... I am still pissed from last night, as if headache wasnt killing me enough already...


To the point very interesting indeed, seems I misunderstod lucid completely, I considered it more as an extreme suppliment to the GPU, not a replacement!?

James; Might be a silly question, but, did you try with other GPU clocks? No scaling?


Albrecht; you said that, not me :P

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let's hope there is just something hidden (like with internal pll overvoltage option on sb) in the new stepping that is intentended to prevent more crazy leaked scores.

you need to register online soon to unlock your cpu if things continue like these :rolleyes:

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  • Crew

Ah the GPUs shows XP because it's in xp compat mode


Maybe this score is 190k without MVP and gpu at stock clocks,


Surely Francsoir is more focused on big media like Anandtech? Not sure why other media should be expected to wait when Anandtech doesn't wait, doesnt really concern me but just saying

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