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Submit from here http://hwbot.org/competition/team_cup_2012_sc4/

If you're landing on the general page (http://hwbot.org/competition/team_cup_2012/) then scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says HWBOT Team Cup 2012 RoadMap, then select the sub-competition. The "Participate Competition" button works ok there.


Or you can select the stage from the right sidebar, then click on the "Go to stage" button and submit from there.

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My team has already uploaded more than 10 results.

How many changes of the background do you plan until the end of the competition? Every 3 days a new one!?

And are the old submissions still valid?


No more new backgrounds and all submissions are still valid.


Don't worry, you'll have to rebench all the PC05 results anyway as more and more tweaks show up :D


Why was PC05 chosen? It was still alive a while ago, now it's totally broken.


It was chosen to get your tweak on. C'mon guys, you should have at least one PCMark master in the team! :D


Once again i would like to participate but when i click the participate button it brings me to a blank page with no benchmarks shown.


You are clicking 'participate' on the general Team Cup page? The submissions have to be done in the subcompetitions; there are no scores linked to that overall page. Like I.nfraR.ed says, go to the subcompetition page and you can select the stages from there.


Or is it some other issue? If yes, can you make a screenshot to help out?

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It was chosen to get your tweak on. C'mon guys, you should have at least one PCMark master in the team! :D


I concur... I look at PCM05 and I can't help but think of that "200% crazy GF" that a guy has once in their life time... Sure; she's moody, impossible to figure out, can make you feel "inadequate" without even trying, gives you nightmares, makes you feel guilty about being you, etc...

But then there is that one time, when the stars and the planets align and you get everything right... And then.... THEN.... She gives you the ride of your life and you're hooked.




Its easier to get LN2 than it is to figure out the "tweaks" in pcmark05 :)



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