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Edison.Chan - GeForce GTX 580 - 161354 marks 3DMark2001 SE


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Can i ask a question and forgive me if I am wrong which is totally possible, my question pertains to the score and the calculation in 3dmark calculator if my maths are correct this score show a massive discreptancy from what should be the score and what is the score the differance is 350 marks off what the calculator has said from elmore.se I see score descretency of a few points here and there but none this large here is my comparison on 3d01 I did.




Score in calculator = 161792


Score in screenshot = 161789


3 point descreptancy


King pin


Score in calculator = 160768


Score on screen shot = 160775


7 point decreptancy




Score in Calculator = 160979


Score on screenshot = 160978


1 point decreptancy


HKEPC Edison chan


Score in Calculator = 161703


Score on screenshot = 161354


349 point descreptancy



Now maybe this is normal I just have not seen such a big varience if others have then cool no problems, just posing the question.

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Uncle Fester for President.


f***ing awesome catch.




What is it with HKEPC and "what's-wrong-with-this-picture (literally)" results these days? .....and i'm noticing a pattern with ASRock mobos. Marketing = tainted.





There, I said it.

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  • Crew

i checked a few scores now and all are within 1 or 3 of each other,


because the reason for the difference is the decimals right? it rounds it down a little. 350+ is too big of a difference but it might be due to a rerun of car low or something that didn't calculate or display properly i don't know..

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I vote to ban ASRock OC Formula board and it's designer, as the board breaks the laws of Physx and software :)

Tell me who's gonna listen someone been banned by Mafio? Tell me?


---> [iMOUT ^^]


I thought it was strange at 1st look too... but here are some evidences. Good catch Fester ;)


Edit: I won't be able to buy hardware anymore if I always need to waste all my money in those f(L)ucking popcorn cagos...

Edited by Eeky NoX
Need to refill the popcorn tanker!!
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