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TeamGroup first of many to claim DDR3-4000


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Just got this in my email. No NDA?!


Source: http://www.teamgroup.com.tw/catalog/detail/data/en/29/750/pkshJp.html


Congratulations! Memory Overclocking Starts from Team’s New Record of DDR3 4000MHz Created by John Lam


Taipei, Taiwan, May 30, 2013– Team Group Inc., one of the leading memory manufacturers in the world,is pleased to introduce the new record reaching DDR3 4,000MHz that sets a brand new milestone in memory overclocking. Created by world-known overclocker, John Lam, this validated record currently ranks first in CPU-Z Hall of Fame.






DDR3-4018MHz CL14-19-15-45 Reached


It is the great tradition that Team Group never stops pushing forward the overclocking limit. To explore the overclocking potential on Intel’s upcoming next generation platform, Team Group cooperates with the world-known overclocker, John Lam, to have a journey of overclocking limit pursuit. In the end, John is managed to have Team Xtreem PC3 21300 DDR3 2,666MHz, one of Team Group’s high-end overclocking DRAM products specifically designing for overclockers, go up to DDR3 4018MHz CL14-19-15-45 under extremely low temperature with the cooling system of LN2. Team Group is pleased to witness this great breakthrough that pushes the memory overclocking to a brand new starting point.




Full Product Line Showcased for Computex 2013(Booth No.: J0818)


Team Group is dedicated in developing overclocking DRAM products for years and has three product lines, Xtreem Series for performance enthusiasts, Dark Series for overclocking beginners, and Vulcan Series for gamers. Full product lines will be showcased during Computex 2013 and it is grateful and welcome to have your visit to Team Group’s booth.

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damn dude then what I am going to computex for?!?!


BTW why do they blur out everyone else?


lol @ the guru3d,I wonder about costs...


BTW I am guessing that CPUz world record list isn't auto updated???? Because the i7 top frequencies have changed, now 3770K at 7.2ghz(by John) should be there right under the 7.3...

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