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Monster sale,everything else i own.


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I hope the mods will allow me 2 days to get pictures for each item. Is that time when you clean the closet and start a new thing.


Oh well,let's see if you'all gonna like this goodies.




2. Asus Mars 2,mint condition,30 minutes of use time-350 euro

5. A Gainward Gtx 260 Gs(840/1400 on air) -50 euro

7.6970 Lightning - 100 euro

8.Gtx 560 Dcu2 -80 euro

9.Gtx 280 good clocker on air - 50 euro

10. XFX 5850 - 50 euro


All of them have pictures in the main album.


Ram :


4x4 2666 cl10 G.skill -one of the most rare kits of samsung -350 euro

2x2 avexir bbse 2000 cl 9 -50 euro

6x2 Team Xtreem 2000 cl 9 psc inside -120 euro


Monitor :


The famous Eizo Foris Fg 2421 -240 Hz 1 ms.

350 euro,still has warranty on amazon,another 4 years i think.


Motherboards :


P5e3 wifi @p premium -100 euro ,has box,wi fi antenas ,i/o shield and manual.







Sub-zero equipment :


1.Inflection point CPU pot (non EK) -150

2.Wide Slim GPU Pot @ ryba -70

3.Kingpin Dominance Memory Pot -50

5.Ryba FAT GPU LN2/Dice POT -150

-perfect condition ,clean work, included K-Type probe tested -180*without problem

-the POT is cleaned and polish with NEVR-DULL "magic wadding polish"...first insulated with Thermaflex PVC tape the cooper/alu part and then 9mm armaflex gluten with armaflex/armacell kleber AF520, so if you want used another way to insulated ..you can simply peel off the TAPE and the cooper/alu part remains like new.

if you have already one and want to use sli/cross bench configuration ...or if you just need a massive FAT pot for monster gpu´s ...this is the best one


6.Fluke 177 RMs -170

7.Voltcraft k102 -40


Combo price - 600 without shipping.



Will add pictures soon with everything,first batch tonight.


Important note-prices are without shipping,payment can be made through Paypal,Western Union, Moneygram or Bank transfer.


Pictures :

Sub zero equipment : http://imgur.com/a/RiuLN

Mars 2 pictures: http://imgur.com/a/vCpdV


Pictures with all,album - http://imgur.com/a/y9h8f#4








~~Cpu :

i3 4370.amazing clocker on water,could validate 4080-4100 mhz on Impact 7. -110 euro


~~1. Matrix Gtx 580 prep for Ln2 -100 euro~~ sold to random

~~3. 2x Matrix Gtx 285 -No coolers,delided (i think i have the coolers also,will see) -80 euro each(they can doa easily on air 800 mhz/1480 )~~

4.The happy trio of 5870 (Soc+Lightning+Matrix) -250 euro as a package deal

~~6. Gtx 275 Lightning - 60 euro~~ SOLD

~~2x2 2200 cl 7 pi series-70 euro~~ sold

~~3x Rampage Extreme -120 euro each .bulk~~ SOLD

~Gigabyte P45T Ud3r Extreme -150 euro~ sold to obscureparadox

~Rex- Sold to bass~

4.Kingpin Nbb pot -30

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so far:

alex got dibs on pi's ,leeghoofd on the 2 gtx matrix and gtx 275 lightning.


Superpatodonaldo -dunno how much the shipping will be(arround 15 euro maybe),but it is on you :). i can give for free some dominator radiators,in case you don;t have for this type of pot.

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Thanks bud,i started updating with pictures and made a few corrections on the sale.

P5e3 @p it has box and accesories and remains with same price and i found another Rex which i added for sale.

As for gigi,it is reserved for you. :) (not the same paypal adress)

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@gunslinger -i hope i am ok with the thread now.


Untill now what is sold,is a rex and p45t extreme.I hope to make a few more packages in order to go only once at the postal office.


@Leeghoofd -are you still on with the graphic cards ? or @bob(nz) has a chance to grab them ? See the album for pictures,coolers and 1 box .


@FireKillerGR -500 and you will receive extra a few bonuses from me,something you may like.Nevertheless,the shipping is on you :D ,

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If you split it,you will not benefit of warranty. (which is lifetime on G.skill,from what i know)

Oc_ninja has dibs on it,if i find a cpu to test it in oc,mine has a problematic imc and most probably will be able to test only on xmp profile.


gtx 580 Matrix sold to random.

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gtx 285,gtx 275,gtx 580 and 1 rex are shipped,i will pm the tracking numbers this afternoon.For USA ~ 10 days and Belgium much faster by courier.


Important note,i will not make reservations anymore,unless you have an advance payment. You can change your mind anytime and i loose possible customers.

I will pm to everyone who has dibs on something to make up their mind today. Thanks.

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Adds for every major sale.


For the one who takes the Mars 2 i will add a super rare graphic card,the first Evga Ultra 8800 Blackpearl.


For the one who takes the whole sub-zero combo i will give a icolourful gtx 460 1 gb which can be benched on air at 1080 mhz gpu.


For Firekiller will put some gtx 260 / 4870 combo,if he still desires that whole package,btw i was today to the postal office,for 5 kg weight the shipping in Greece it's 30 euro.


Etc....COME and GET IT people.

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