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Skylake Delid and TIM Swapping

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Problem is not in idle of course but rather in exhausting benchmarks and this i can think of xtu,cinebench,3dmark cpu tests.


In any case i would be very carefull when delidding this time,cpu has traces on all pcb unlike haswell where half of cpu was not in danger.Add the thinner pcb and you see what i mean.

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Don't need to de-lid for extreme OC on LN2. See for yourself.




At a certain point the stock TIM will give up and the frequency will drop down by 500-600 MHz on load. Saw this several times now with skylake CPUs.

Dancop also had a good 6600K which could run around 6,2 GHz first using the stock TIM. After few benchsessions he could not exceed 5,8 GHz anymore. Swapping the TIM with Kryonaut he could do 6,3 GHz.

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