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Working lately on improved Kaby Lake IHS. Ended up with this.


In comparison to original one it has some advantages:

- 20% bigger contact area

- top surface is perfectly flat, not "almost flat" after sanding

- design is optimized for more rigidity

- I made couple of different depths of core pocket on the bottom, to test which one is the best, original one has 0,35mm, I've got 0,35, 0,40 and 0,45mm (plus I want to use adhesive on the bottom to protect pcb), glue thickness is 0,15mm, glue needs to be removed completely in this case.


Actually they're going to be tested, hopefully some feedback will be posted very soon in this thread. It's just a preparation for making it from silver.









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test yesterday intel stock IHS vs this copper IHS ...for me both perform near the same, using custom watercooling, ofcourse difference can be using extreme condition , in theory this copper HS should perform better because his top surface are 20% larger than stock intel , so using an LN2 pot with big base surface heat transfer should be improve!

using those HS , intel glue need to be removed and use as spacer(0.15mm) adhesive sheet! i use that glued directly to HS bottom side!




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Silver one is still in testing, but I've made some copper ones. From last time, I've got also results from single stage, clock was still the same as before, but it was just one test. For now I can confirm that it works at least as good as original one and won't crack your cpu in a second, if you mount it properly :)


Probably you're the most interested in ln2 results, which I don't have right now. There is also an "user factor", what means that probably everybody has it own method to mount the pot, choose the spacer or remove the glue or whatever.


Some of them will be shipped right now, some are still left. Hopefully some more results will be shown in this thread. by users, who receive those.


You may give it a try :) I did my best, when designing and machining them. As you may notice, I also finished inner pocket with sandpaper to remove the toolmarks.





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