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2019 Party in PA- Planning Thread

Coming to the party this summer and willing to split costs?  

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  1. 1. Coming to the party this summer and willing to split costs?

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* Official sign-up thread is now open! click here to visit the sign-up page *

When: 8/23 - 8/25 (welcome get together and hardware setups starting from around 5pm on Thursday 8/22)

Where: Clarion Hotel and Conference Center Harrisburg West, 148 Sheraton Dr, New Cumberland, PA 17070 tel: (623) 432-0765 https://www.clarionhotelharrisburg.com/ Discount room rates are available, shoot me a pm for the event name to give when you call for a reservation. To get the discounted rate, you'll have to actually call them to make the reservation and give the event name. *


Greetings fellow oc-ers!

Welcome to the planning thread for this year's Summer Party in PA!
First and absolutely foremost, thanks to all of you who attended (or otherwise supported) the past get togethers! You're what makes it so awesome. :)
Having never put together an 'event' before this one, I've learned a few things along the way. Most importantly, keep it easy and fun! I do my best to get us a decent space, plenty of ln2, relaxed environment, etc. Thanks to Joe, we've even had great sponsors who covered us and dished out heaps of nice goodies. That said, there were (of course) some downsides including the big expense of the hotel rooms in downtown Philly (although the venues have been top notch, imho) and a general feeling on my part that I(we) had to make efforts to please the sponsors (not so relaxing hehe).
This year's party will be 8/22-25 back at our first venue in Harrisburg and will be 100% self-funded. Once I have an estimate on the space, room rates and juice it'll be straight math. The good news is that the total cost will very likely come out cheaper than what it's been costing for hotel rooms alone. I'll post the numbers once I have them. SO...we need to start figuring out how many of us will be there. :) 
PLEASE check your calendars, decide if you can make it and take the poll! Hopefully the long advance notice helps. ;)
TIA (as always)
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Ok...heard back from the hotel. Total charge for the event space (incl. all taxes, etc) is $1,513. I'm going to try to get that down by about $250 but at least we have a baseline. 

Sleeping rooms will be available for $99/night (plus fees and taxes). Will confirm ln2 pricing this week.

So...if there are only 8 of us, it'll come out around $710ish pp ($250 venue, 3x$120 sleeping room, $100 ln2). It's still ~6 months away...adding more attendees will bring pp cost down quickly. 

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Getting there! Looking pretty good so far so will work on the contract, pay for the event space and put a deposit on the ln2. 

Next is to try to get more people signed up. I'll be "on the hook" financially but I feel pretty confident we'll get enough of us willing to cover.

Radi- You should definitely come! We always have at least a couple euros (aerotracks has made every one so far, thanks Moritz!). Pretty sure you'd have an excellent time!

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Attendees- Start thinking about what you'll be benching. I know it's really far out but want to start estimating our ln2 needs. Thinking an average of roughly 120L/person.  We've had juice to spare every year, want to have plenty again but prefer not having 300+ L that we don't use.

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8 hours ago, funsoul said:

And where oh where are our Warp9 friends? Really hoping to finally meet some of those crazies!

I really would love to go up for the event Stefan and for the opportunity to do some meet n greet with some fellow benchers.

But its not in the cards for me personally.

Much success to you with the event...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Awesome Pankil! Was wondering where you were hiding ?

Contract is signed, just waiting to get final confirmation. Total for the event space (5pm Thursday 8/22 - 5pm Sunday 8/25) comes out to $1,513.68 ($1,200 + 19% service charge + 6% tax). 

So...with 11 attendees (so far), we're looking at $137.61 per person + ln2 (estimate $70 per person*) and room (we have a block of 10 @ $99/night). Basically, $210/person + accomodations. * The LN2 expenses the past 2 years have been $770/year. $731 for ln2 + delivery/pickup + $40 tip.

Ugh....all excited but 6 months to go! :( Ooooh noooo-o-o-o-o-o-o!!! ?

Gives everyone more time to wrangle more friend to attend! =;P

Woohoo! hehehe

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Apologies for pummeling this thread but want to keep everyone up to date.

Contract is executed and the $1,513.68 has been paid in full. We're now officially locked n' loaded for this years event! $210/person ain't bad but if we can get a few more folks signed up, we're quickly under $200 (plus accommodations). 

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