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Christian Ney

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Was looking to rerun my Pentium-M 730 and saw that when clicking on the various leaders for the various benchmarks under "Worldrecord (HWP)" they are all not even s479, they are all Pentium-3 1.3 or 1.4 s370:






Something you guys may want to look into & fix when you have the time as it may not be just limited to this one.


Be well...

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"first post" bug in forums is back again.


yepp I just remarked that as well - you post a comment from main page (directly to a challenge or result) and it will not be shown in the forum index. only when you are directly in the topic of the forum you will see all new posts.


sometimes a bit hard to track all new comments but a minor issue for me.


the new challenge feature seems to be cool. Keep creating several GPU-challenges for everyone - I'm in when there is some time and I have the right card ;) there are some additional options you might want to have while creating one. but as I already read this is going to be improved :cool:

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A large amount of submissions is required to produce a reliable number. Not enough submissions for the 7970 yet. :)


For the 7970: http://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/radeon_hd_7970/

Rating 0/100

Submissions: 1003


Take the 6870 X2: http://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/radeon_hd_6870_x2/

Rating: 46/100

Submissions: 89


I still maintain it's a bug rather than an 'unreliable' number.

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  • Crew

Concerning issue HWBot-668 ( Users moving to different team, but points are not ), do I have to force a recalculation?


Edit: Apparently a recalculation is needed, the scores are now assigned to the team but no points are awarded.

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deleting motherboard / memory information does not work - edit the score, erase the fields, click save, information is still there


EDIT: while I'm at it ...

http://hwbot.org/user/tapakah/#Hardware_Library -> motherboard tab

on two of my scores I changed the board from UD3P to UD3P-B3 but it still shows in my profile that I have two scores on UD3P (it either takes a while to update or does not update at all)

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Hi Hwbot Team


Here is a little bug:

All time , i has thinked, i have typed wrong.

after the submission will appear in the video card manufacturer EVGA again. Although I entered always MSI. a subsequent change in MSI does not work. after the correction is again as EVGA.

Threre are no EVGA Twin Frozr II/oc ;)


Here the pics:





after the edit:


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