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Yes, sorry things are going slowly. A very limited number of samples have gone out for development testing. Also got the first pictures from the factory where I've ordered an initial batch. Unfortunat

A little bit of progress, this is already quite a few revisions in...

Hardware design is pretty much done, firmware and software have basic functionality. The earliest I could have something close to final would be end of January.

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Currently I have 3 pieces left with the possibility of 2 more. I will ship out according to the order of the requests in this thread and contact each person individually. Probably I'll ship out on Monday since the post office is closed for the weekend.

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Just and idea.

Maybe you can offer a DIY kit. It would be easier for you without the need for soldering everything on the PCB by yourself/friends,

plus the amount of elements needed isn't that big. Everything can be soldered with a regular soldering iron (if you know your stuff) and you can actually find most of the components pretty easy everywhere. Perhaps offer a full set and a basic set, so one can use their own smd capacitors, usb connector, 3-pin connect, etc.


PS: If Massman can do it, then everyone can :D:P

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That's what I meant - supply the pre-programmed chip and other components in a DIY kit, so the buyer can solder it by himself.

Not that soldering takes a lot of time, but I guess it will still save him some time.


If I have to pre-flash the chip and order all components I might as well solder the rest too. I'm working on getting quotes from PCBA services right now so I will have the devices delivered already assembled. Should have that batch in 1-2 months, would be for minimum 100 units.


Quick question about the USB connector. Which kind do you guys prefer?


1. Currrent version with Mini USB-connector

2. Exactly the same but with Micro USB instead

3. USB Male connector directly on the PCB (USB-stick style)

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I was considering Micro-USB at first, but it's hard to hand-solder which is why I chose Mini-USB. If the PCBA service can handle it though I can change it (they should be).

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Quick update. So I've ordered 100pcs from the factory but due to Paypal being idiots they have limited my account at the moment = the factory will hold my order until that is resolved. Eta for this batch is in 1-2 weeks if all works out. Still mini-USB contact but now with power on-led :)

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