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Some love for Old School Hardware?

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Some years back we had monthly competitions on hwbot often featuring some old but gold hardware. Often goal was to achieve fastest result in benchmark x featuring using socket z.

There was often lot of research necessary for finding best CPU / Mobo combination and of course find those items on the market...


To be honest, Im missing those competitions...


I know Team and Country Cup often has some stages for old hardware but why should we do this fun just 2 times in a year?


So my idea would be to establish an ongoing competition using all results that are already in the bot. I really, really would like to see some of those benchers who showed incredible skills with old hardware a little more often in the spotlight. So the idea is to create yet another league called "classic" which is actually something more of a mod to hwbot than a league.

You know playing with old hardware can be really fun but often there isnt much competition and therefore points worth spending lot of time for research, modding and of course hours of time just to complete some benchmarks. The idea is to create a ranking which just includes classic cpu sockets featuring single core cpus (Intel up to s478, AMD up to s754) and graphic cards featuring up to dx8 (Geforce 4, Radeon 8000). Ranking system could be the same like we already have in the bot. Means best 20 hardware points and best 15 global points plus a classic hardware master league equal to current hardware master league.

Oh and global points would be awarded totally different. Right now we award a zillion of different benchmarks with globals. Of course not a single of those new benchmarks runs on vintage hardware. So the idea is to concentrate on the classic benchs and instead award a zillion of different cpu sockets and slots.



superpi 1m slot A

2x wprime socket 370

pifast socket 479

superpi 32m socket 7



For graphic cards there could be fastest dx6, dx7, dx8. Of course, this would probably mean to enable points for 3DMark 2000 and 99. ;)


I hope I could explain the basic idea behind this. I think this would be fun for all who still know that overclocking was actually badly needed to have a decent system and all those mad scientists that appeared out of nowhere and showed tricks that doubled your system speed and made you feel happier than any 1.1V 5 Ghz Haswell ever could do.

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Currently we have the Challenger Div VII going on for legacy hardware http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/roadtopro_challenger_season1_division7_round1. It's a competition series for only legacy hardware.


The competition engine is fairly flexible, so I guess technically we could set up a competition series like the old monthly OC challenges. I would need help organizing the stages and deciding the hardware though as I don't have that much time. If anyone's up for this, let me know.

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That is a fact, but all stages require LGA775 CPU. It is nice, but not for me. I just can't participate in any of the stages.

Maybe next time if it is AMD-oriented, but that's after 2 months. The old monthly competitions were more balanced and required various platforms. Yes, it was harder to win the whole competition, but I could at least bench for fun on some of the stages where I had available hardware. Anyway, good luck to the Intel guys :)

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Nice to see familiar faces. I'm in :)


Would be nice to have 2-3 months for each competition - we're talking about not only old but rare hardware and it might take some time for a good preparation. But we could start a new one before the first ends giving not only time but a choice and/or more action.

I think this can be done.

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I'm open to this kind of competition series. But as said, I'll need some help figuring out the different stages and benchmarks :)


Since everyone also wants to take part in the competitions, why not make a competition team of 5 - 10 long term members who send you some ideas and you pick some of them for the competitions. That way no member knows which stages will actually be part of that competition while you don't have to think of the stages.

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I'm agree with you Strunkenbold

I love old school hardware in my opinion is more funnily than the new!

There are only few information so is more difficult to find tweaks and good score!

It will be exciting if you do more competitions with old hardware!

In my opinion 3Dmark 2000 with AMD K6 series was very good!!!

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