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Test/Tryout: Skylake 5G Tweaker's Challenge

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As for the "mere mortals dont need to apply" comment, well, that is despondence. Yes, compared to first batches, the ES are usually a bit better, but not that much. This is not like you suggesting a difference between man and God (when we dwell into the superstitions).

And compared to later batches are the ES mostly par to par or even worser that normal retail CPU's.


I'm speaking entirely of ES/sample kits of ram, nothing at all to do with CPUs.

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since you can edit spd and even ES kits has same spd as retail you will never know its ES or retail memory. but to be honest whats the point not using them? i dont think it would be unfair at all... this is about fun, tweaking and learn from each other, no prize or money to win so it makes no sense to "overlimiting" more than the fixed cpu/cache... the more ppl join the better


i would vote for ambient 4G/5G and subzero 4G/5G so all parties could be satisfied...

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This is a great idea and wish I had seen this sooner, mind you my Skylake gear is in the post. Also some of the ideas above are great as well, like diff platforms and lower clocks for ambient to get more people involved.


Was this ever on the front page to get more attention for it.

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PJ, @Massman listen to the people, please , well, haha only three guys Me ( maybe im a old guy) KaRtA and delly, and happy new year Pieter, for you and your loved ones :)


Massman, Step 3 is Physics Score of 3d'11, but link is like sp 32, hours, minutes, seg...impossible upload the score for example 12435 or more.
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CPUZ, yeah that's the issue. In many cases, for many of the highest in the XTU category for example CPUZ is reporting 5000 for 102.15x49. It can't do multiplication. But thanks for the reply. If CPUz readout in the screenshot is the rule, I now understand how the game is played.

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Oh no,not another brilliant change....


Why would anyone want that point system for low-clock challenges? It makes a low clock challenge uselles given the nature of that point system ,just take a look at xtu ranking,first place has 100 points and 10-th place has 98.9,why would anyone push hard when they receive more or less the same points....

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