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GTX 1080 crazy OC?

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

It doesn't need the OC, it just needs to scale and actually perform. MHz is useless without performance to back it up (just look at AMD CPUs...)

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The 2.1Ghz Overclock in the launch demo was certainly very impressive and shows what their 16nm FinFET is very capable of. I'm amazed they could squeeze that much clocks and still maintain the power consumption and thermal output in check.


Now let's see if AMD's 14nm can do similar specs in terms of clocks and performance :)

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Single GTX 1080's faster than 980's in sli, one 8 pin, 2.1Ghz OC ambient cooling 67C. 8gb gddr5 X memory at 11600mhz. $599.99 or about $50 more for founders edition with Transformers style reference cooler.


GTX 1070 msrp $379.99 (429.99 founders) Faster than a Titan X, and also has 8gb gddr5 memory, though non X

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Does anyone knows how the new GeForce GTX 1080 will work for 3 way sli and 4 way sli runs now that nvidia has stopped officially support for 3 way and 4 way and only will support 2 way SLI on Pascal + GPUs ? Driver hacks or using the old slow bridges for 3 way and 4 way ?

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