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The case of the Lock-16X - What The F?


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make sure that you also have the correct Management Engine Firmware with your BIOS, you can't go switching around BIOS'es without making sure the correct MEFW is also installed.


incompatible (old) ME FW with a new bios will result in things like the 39x multiplier issue.


yeah man I see what you're saying but If youre getting no lock and fine on the same bios and then suddenly you boot back into win like I did and its stuck at 35x. same bios same everything. board just decides on its own to lock at a certain multi. wtf?


I was benching 32m just fine and then I rebooted and its screwed all of a sudden/

no ln2. on h2o only 5ghz. temps were 24c. 1.45vcore and 1.85vdimm.

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All these sound like a firmware corruption issue ( either main BIOS or ME ).

Never had any issues on the Gene-Z and the Gene, neither on the UD3H ( as far as these issues are concerned ).

Perhaps it is somehow triggered by running 1c1t ?

That's the only thing I haven't done in any of my SB & IB sessions.

Insulation-wise I vaseline the baby excessively and thoroughly, never had any moisture/condensation or any water drops at all on any part of the motherboard.


Speaking of 1c1t, I remember having the multiplier locked to 39x ( or was it 36x ) with Clarkdale and both on Gigabyte & eVGA P55 mobos. ( didn't try raising the CPU Multi in windows, or maybe I did and it wouldn't change, can't recall for sure ).

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On the GD65 i just had the x16 problem went in to bios to set some mem timings and then went into win and then x16 only and could not change it damn!


But then i pressed the oc genie buttom and the pc restarted 2-3 times and then voila full multi controll again.. so try to mess with that buttom

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