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Fastest MFR based SuperPI 32M runs - Full out and 4G/5G


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Full out => best score

4G / 5G => best score, therefore best efficiency


I'm curious about these SuperPI 32M runs because there seems to be a battle going on for the best MFR based SuperPI 32M runs.


i think its more just superpi to test out staiblity of MFR overclocks, lol


I could be wrong tho

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MFR is the AMD of the memory sticks. High clock - no performance.


Bingo. Typing up a review on the 2933 G.Skill kit. Results are disappointing. They are designed for high frequency and nothing else. They fail to do the one thing a more expensive, higher-rated kit should do - increase performance. However, for people that enjoy memory clocking, they're a heck of a lot of fun.


So it depends on your goal. If you want better benchmark times, look elsewhere. If you want zomg memory frequency, go MFR.

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Price performance figures must be aweful. For some high-clock 4x4GB high density kits you're paying well over €1000, with not a single bit more performance. In fact, more money brings lower performance.


I have a strong urge to fill the "rant about reviews"-thread with a list of all sites that recommend these MFR based memory kits :D

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If I was running a GPU setup with 12GB+ of graphics RAM, 4x4GB or more of capable system RAM has a place.....but ermagherd.... not at 1000 euros. Not even $1000.


What about people NOT running their memory under LN2? How do xFR sticks shape up against PSC & BBSE? The story changes, right?

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