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Swedish E8400 @ "743" fsb and more


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This guy surfaced for 1 or 2 years ago on local swedish forum and claimed he had a 5900 MHz 2600k, right when people where stuck with the first x53 multi cpus. Sure, not impossible, but as we know very, very hard to come by. No benchmarks or anything else at all other than cpu-z validation. Cpu was already sold when I asked to buy it from him. He also posted a result here on hwbot with E8400 @ 6174 MHz... AIR-cooled. Yeah right. http://hwbot.org/submission/2291016_xroo_cpu_frequency_core_2_e8400_(3.0ghz)_6174_mhz


Today I saw him posting an old result with his E8400, 6,7 GHz @ 743 fsb. http://valid.canardpc.com/2381309

Well, this last result really pushes the "plausible" to pure bunnyextraction. I don't know the guy and have not asked him about this, but I'm very curious how he cheated CPU-Z. I thought cpu-z was safe with s775? But 743 MHz fsb is quite a lot more than I'm willing to believe... :D What do you guys make of this?

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I asked him on a swedish forum what cooling he used for the 6.7 result and he claims that he used freeze spray for that too. The funny thing is that I bought the CPU, RAM and motherboard from a guy that bought it from him and with cascade cooling(-90c) and I was nowhere near that result. Those RAMs is good for 595mhz. That guy is clearly cheating...

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If you'll look at his FSB and HT speeds, you should see something like "743.14" or similar to that.

CPU-Z shows the FSB and HT speeds with 2 decimal points but his "Validation" shot doesn't have it at all. The numbers do align as they should but the lack of decimal points is extremely suspect, even if it were dead on 743 it should still show "743.00" for his FSB speed and the same basic thing for his HT speed.


I do know the program itself shows this and validations I believe show it too.

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