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Why don't we talk about the killings?


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All brands have issues,

Some get heavy fire on the web,

Usually from those with bad intend, but

Sometimes no one speaks a word, and CPUs die because.


Haswell users know what I mean.


Why do we not speak of what kills the things most precious to us? We talked about socket burns and exploding VRMs before. What is different now?

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Nice attempt on blaming asus boards for killing your cpu's lol...


It is just very interesting to witness the difference between what people say off the record and on the record. What people tell me in person or in chat is nothing like what I would expect from reading the forums.

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Last CPU that I killed was 3770K, it died on M5E, I did't understand what was the reson. I had a lot of bet sessions on M5Gene and a few on M5E, so I was surprised )) RMA helped me ) Now I have AsRock OC Formula and I like this board.

I heard a lot of CPUs died on MSI MB when top OCers tried to win MOA in 2010-2012 years.

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  • Crew

it's pretty clear that M6E has some CPU killing issues, but can be resolved if propper settings are used and less "auto" settings.


i saw drweez chip die first 5 mins of OC on m6e, clicked RUN on cinebench and chip never ran again. 8 cpu's out of 16 died at AOOC, 0 out of 16 died at MOA.


they board just needs some attention to figure out why its killing :P, Its not hardware im sure, its probly some bios setting or something that goes ES mode when you bench retail chip


i lost nothing on other boards so far,


benched my gem REALLY hard on these boards and its still fine



M6 Gene (XTU - 32M)

M6 Impact (XTU Full runs - 32M)

Asrock Z87M OCF (all 3dmarks - 32m)

Gigabyte Z87-OC (all benchmarks)

MSI Mpower MAX (cinebench - xtu full runs - 32m)


i have a low volt low heat chip, maybe deaths are caused by high volt and temp overload

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