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ASUS Impact Max Mem Frequency Tricks


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Tip thread!


When booting 1950mh+ from bios sometimes you need some patience. Dont worry if it fails to boot. Let it go for a couple minutes ;) wait for the magic to happen. I usually wait 2-5 minutes for post.


Video just shows it failing to boot over and over just letting it keep trying until 3:52 it trains and boots 1950 :)


More to come.


(Stupid of me to share during a contest right? Too many secrets in OC these days, lets move the hobby forward together)


Try to add a tip a day




Tip #2 Disable DMI Gen2

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^ I was sweeping :)


Tip #4 dont believe that all MFR all likes full pot 2.4v, some does not scale passed 2.0v, some does not like -150c, some does not like to train passed -100c.


My stick likes around -110 to -120 2.3v and to train around -90c. Change only one thing at a time and you will find what it likes.

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