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Interest-check: Group purchase Z270X LN2 board

Are you interested in getting an LN2 board?  

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  1. 1. Are you interested in getting an LN2 board?

    • Yes, if the board is
    • Yes, if the board is
    • Yes, if the board is
    • Yes, if the board is
    • Yes, at any price
    • Not interested

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If this means that there will be a Z270, I am willing to wait a while :) - thanks for the effort nontheless, was interesting to see that quite a lot of people would like to have a Gigabyte 2 Dimm board, maybe this helps with decision to make a retail Z270 :)

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Nothing in response to my last question? Are we not allowed to know the minimum order quantity?


Sorry, was on the road last week and every time forgot to reply to the thread. I don't think it's a secret, but I do feel uncomfortable talking specific numbers in public. I was aiming for 100 units, but that's not high enough.


It is partially because of Z170 being end of life and the LN2 board no longer being produced actively. So it would require setting things up at the factory again which in light of Z270 coming soon would be wasting manufacturing time I guess.

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So, back on topic.


Since I'm not a free sample beggar like some people in this thread and would be buying any such board with my own money, I'm cool with upto USD$250. However, Z170 is dead with Z270 is a few months out.

Maybe if we were all productive, we could provide feedback to OEMs and work together to group buy a board in the Kaby Lake generation?


Then again, I'm sure some fuckers will still complain that since it wasn't sold at some local computer store in their remote village, it's not a true retail board and needs to be banned from extreme league and points....

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