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... and we shall call it: 'The Shamino-effect'


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i still keep going for Evga, i used to have asus but now.....


Asus doesn't come anymore in my house.


i think you also have to count the s1155 ln2 results with asus boards. evga haven't launched those yet, so pretty obvious to me



Evga has a P67 mobo if you get you're info straight

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Y-axis for first chart = percentage of used brand for all LN2 results (CPU or VGA). Eg: in 2009, ~12% of the LN2 results were performed on Evga mainboard.


Here's a chart with global data, still based on results. 2011 is pretty skewed, I think, but you can see the Shamino-effect for Foxconn and Evga. ASUS has been pretty much losing stake since 2007 ("since records began") although the question remains to what extend the data from '06-'07 is complete (I seriously doubt it :) ).



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Asus pay better then EVGA ? :


He left EVGA quite some time before starting at ASUS iirc so not the reason. As for Foxconn: I think he didn't like working himself to death, so he better left - simple, or? :P


Quite an interesting proof for something that was quite clear for everybody following the trends a bit. wherever sham went there was a mainboard that was pushed like nothing else:

Foxconn: BlackOps

EVGA: Classified



Rule out these boards, specially for Foxconn and EVGA the trend will be gone imo. that also shows how important it is for a mfc to have a real good oc-board in the product line...

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