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XTU screenshot should be obligatory

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As finally I was forced to use XTU benchmark I spent some time on it :D


It's not bad, even interesting I would say (I love memory influence on it, also there are few ways of running it so it's not bad).


But we need screenshot like in HOT contest. I can't look at those tabs and so on without screeshot, it's boring, no emotions, no real clocks, no memory timings without screenshot it's useless. So if it's possible, please add obligatory screenshot rule (for top 10 or 20 in cpus category) or maybe integrate in next version mechanism like in Heaven so XTU file would have screenshot in it too.

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Totally agreed!

Wondered why it isn't usual?!


It's related to the second usage model for XTU: Analyze.


The simpler the interface, the easier it is for people to use, and the more people will use it. If we require a mandatory screenshot for all users, the entry level becomes too steep, and users opt out.


We have requested a feature to include a screenshot (like Heaven), but we will probably not make it mandatory for all use cases. Maybe just for the top-10/20, which would affect the die-hard overclockers mainly.

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