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TaPaKaH drinks all the LN2, u mad bro?

Christian Ney

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would it make him very sick/kill him? I thought drinking LN2 or even breathing the smoke is very,very bad for you?


or turn him into some sort of mutant? :P


The air we are breathing contains 78% of nitrogen. So breathing the steam will not do anything. If you swallow it, then it can really hurt you. I guess Sam did have a bit of accident over there as we can see some steam coming out long time after he took it in the mouth!


Nice show guys! :)

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I have some LN2 burns in my nose (LN2 overflow) and inside my chest, but it's not too bad.

Hardest/most painful part about swallowing LN2 is that it expands very rapidly creating huge pressure inside your chest (making you want to vommit).

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Haha Sam, rocking it hard!


Jimba; You've ever seen TaPaKa drink vodka...? How can you possibly become more mutant!


you european guys are just mad...but sound awesome..


Does he drink it like water?


When i finally get around to going to europe then benching is on the list for sure..:D

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