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Within tradition the ROG overclocking series continues with Z390 as well . 

You can download latest tools  here 


Backup Link OC PACK




Bios 0050 for Maximus XI Apex and Gene, can change BCLK with OC PANEL : 

Maximus XI Apex


Maximus XI Gene 


MAXIMUS XI GENE older bioses : 




0043 ( improves oc capability of short-traced dimms such as G.Skill RGB or Galax based A2-pcb)

USB Flashback:



Few notes:

1. LN2 wise the benching experience with additional voltages is quite same, RSVD switch works most of time for solving CBB issues, some cpu's can scale with up to 1.85V PLL Termination . Typically new cpu's scale up to 1.8V for multi-thread and 1.95+ for single-threaded benchmarks. 

2. No more slow-boot with Samsung B-die  sticks and tight timings

3. Cofee Lake refresh has a little bit different IMC compared to regular Cofee Lake, meaning you might need to sort your oc-dimms again and also some dimm's are simply not liked by the new IMC. A value of 0.95 vttdram helped few kits in my case but ymmv.

4. Make sure you use a strong PSU otherwise you might run into issue and experience shutdown in heavy-load benchmarks. While using heater and hard benchmarks  it is best to use heatspreader on VRM. 

5.For Windows 7 use the Asmedia USB ports that are located above the HDMI . You need to install driver which you can find here:

Asmedia USB Driver

6.The Maximus XI series use a new way of measuring vcore which is more accurate. elmor explained it here:









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6 hours ago, Alex@ro said:

This was good to go at first try, 4133 could train but cannot enter os, the kit i used was not  of best quality though.

Crazy how high binned B-die kits doesn't guarantee extreme OC ability.  I have a lowly set of Trident Z RGB 3600C17 that will happily boot into Windows XP 4133 12-11-11-28 1T, but a kit of Team T-Force Xtreem 4500 wouldn't.

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Thank you Alex , i will give it a subsero run today with a new random 9900k to see how it behaves. I have a Max XI hero Z390 and compared to my Gene XI Z390 it's a huge difference in sustained loads / voltages / stability / Ram overclocking , Max XI hero it's not suitable for high overclocks mostly the voltage drop and droop it's huge and very unstable on the hero while the Gene does not blink voltage wise and 100% stable on sustaining very high voltages with only llc at 7.

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Try the usb flashback option and go back to Bios 0057 as it is the latest Bios dated 12/06/2018 while the Bios you are flashing 0602 is older dated 10/19/2018 to see if this fix your problem , pull the battery out and let it drain all power for at least 15~30 minutes and re-try flashing again.


Here is a screen shot of my Gene XI on latest Bios 0057 dated 12/06/2018 and the ME is version , no problems so far but i have not try going to older Bios.




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