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I can't login and view my profile.


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I was about to open a topic for the exact same problem , when I am not logged in I can search and view results with different hardware but when I log in I get the same as 2nd picture in the OP. Have some scores to post with a GTX 1060 and since yesterday afternoon I get this error (no pun intented). Yesterday morning was working fine.

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After login I also end up on this page (safari and chrome)


also erroring out if not logged in. https://hwbot.org/user/ground1556/ (confirmed by people in US and Germany). It appears that not everyone is running into this issue.

Maybe something messed up with the database?


Edit: Looking at other broken profiles, it seems to only affect team captains. Been checking through all the top 10 teams and all the captains are bugged out.

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29 minutes ago, Bullshooter said:

Thats shit, for one day i cant login. What they are doing?

Never change a running system.

Nothing was changed intentionally.
We need Frederik or Dennis to fix it.

15 minutes ago, Noxinite said:

Is this related to the shenanigans that was going on yesterday with a specific user (or should that be ex-user)?

I don't know but it's my guess as well.

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