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EKWB and SF3D OC cooperation


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Haha..that will be taken in to account in some other way :D


But you need to wait a bit. I will go to Cebit tomorrow and after that I will publish "how to" quides etc.

Official launch will be then as all the parts are not yet arrived.


Next on the line will be: RAM pot and then GPU pot :D

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Yeah, because GPU pot needs most of the work. RAM pot is kind of done already :D Just need to get samples done.

CPU pot still need few parts and then I am ready to show how it is.


I am very excited about these, so you all should feel the same :D

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Testing is done and minor fixes applied. We are ready for mass production now :D

Insulation is now so easy and that annoying and ugly paper is no more needed ;)


I am very happy with the product and the mass production version will have a different look than these samples.


Mounting mechanism opened:



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Do you like this one?



Every memory module have their own thermal probe holes and this will be CU - Acetal combination. Fully compatible with all EKWB gear at the moment, so you can use this as a watercooling block when LN2 is not needed :D


Price = very good!

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