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The official February Team Cup Warm-up Contest thread.


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lol, CloudGate on GT610. I can still use the GT610 PCI (if it is allowed) from the CountryCup - slideshow detected? Is it going to start at all?

The only stage I can be competitive is the 1xAMD hwbotprime.

SDRAM - well, no way on super7 socket motherboard.

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Looks like we can use semrpons for stage 2, unless i'm missing something. However, it's a big waste of time. I did it a month ago and a 6ghz sempron gets killed by a 4ghz celeron.


It even gets killed by a single-core Yonah and Penryn at 2.3-2.66GHz.

Not sure what's wrong, it looks worse than the difference in SuperPi by a big margin.

I will freeze mine for CB R15 anyway, so will do a couple of hwbotprime runs too.

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