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Massman - FX-8370 @ 8016.8MHz - 8016.8 mhz CPU Frequency


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Whoa Awesome Comeback! :D

That should be pretty good CPU to be able to hit 8Ghz 8 Core, yes?


I need to verify if all cores were indeed running at 8 GHz or if it's a CPU read-out error. I was using Turbo V Core and @elmor's AMD ratio tool to do the overclocking. His tool would set all cores to a lower ratio (7x IIRC) and allow for independent module OC. But in this situation, it would ramp up all cores instead.


Need to look into this.


It's really worth to test core by core... Maybe there is a golden one in between :)


I'm pushing CU#3 at the moment.


CU#2 was one ratio less stable at -145C 1.7V and CU#1/0 two ratios. I will give the other cores another spin this weekend.


Get back to work you bum. :D


It's work related, I promise!



Hahaha! That was so much fun :D

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