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Hey :)

We all know that delidding is necessary to get good scores with Skylake CPUs. I binned a lot of CPUs recently and tried to delid one of my best ones with a razor blade. However I cut a little bit too deep and damaged the CPU. CPU only runs with 8 PCIe lanes now which is a pitty. So I decided to create a little tool for safe CPU delidding - I call it Delid Die Mate.


The tool is pretty simple and is based on the vice method. However, CPU and heatspreader are secured inside the tool and can't move. So no risk to damage any part of the CPU :)


The whole delidding process takes about 1 minute with the tool. In addition you can also glue the IHS back on with the Delid Die Mate. So should be pretty handy for Skylake benchers.


It's also compatible to Ivy Bridge, Haswell and Devils Canyon. No clue about Broadwell because I have no CPU here to test. It's always hard to explain how things work in a post so I uploaded a short video on my youtube channel. You can skip to 1:40 if you don't want to listen to my bla bla :D


Available soon at Caseking
















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Guest TheMadDutchDude

It works with sheer force from what I can tell (I too just watched the video muted, at work) ...


The equal pressure around the entire CPU would prevent the chip from bending, I'd imagine.


Very clever, Roman. Very, very clever indeed. :D


PM me if you want a quick review/overview on it so that we can get it advertised to a broader spectrum of people. Have you got a rough idea on its pricing or when it'll be available? ;)

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>>Unrelated note Roman, can you come up with a tool that allows CPUs to be changed from within vertical cases so that you don't break all the pins? I know @FatBoyNotSoSlim could use once since he's a cpu socket spree killer.


I haven't killed a socket in like, 3 years man. Anyway, Asus have me covered now with this:


Should be fine for vertical installs.



Back on topic, looks good Roman, I'll be in for one and some thermal grizl to match when it's in stock.

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