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LN2 costs

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Guest Sinebrychof

I have got very good LN2 deals recently compared to what Finland prices usually are. Last time I payed 60 euros for 75L to my own dewars but always need to drive a lot to get it, around 150km there and back.


Usual Finland ln2 prices are crazy, a total joke to be honest. To get it cheap you basically have to have good relations or pay out of the books aka not paying VAT and so on.

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£1 per litre over here in sunny England. Paid cash in hand on delivery. Having your own dewar definitely helps it though. :)


Hmmm Not sure if thats a lot or not tbh, suppose you where just cooling the CPU (3770K) how much LN2 would you expect to get through over the course of a weekend, assuming CB's aren't known yet?

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Going to try for my first time tomorrow airgas in islandia, ny. Hopefully the receipts help. I also have receipts from the welding place I use.


I love the welding place because it's only $1 a liter but they have been giving me an attitude everytime I go there now like they don't like me coming there. I am so mad.


I hope airgas comes thru. It's a little further away as the welding place is only 10min away but I hate when you get treated like crap as a paying customer. I hope they can match $1.


Does anyone else bench on long island, ny? Hoping there is another place around.

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After investigating, I am able to determine that Mr. Gorius has an account with us and pricing has been set up. He is currently being charged $2.04 per liter-which is a fair market price for his usage. (Our list price is $3.61 per liter)


However, with your approval I can tie his account to Daikin pricing going forward. That pricing would be $0.38 per liter.


Please let me know.


Iretta is my purchasing agent at work, I complained about Airgas and their price gouging of my personal account, so she tuned them up a little bit. Now I get my work's price and don't have to drive 60 miles round trip for a refill :D

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My first time going to get ln2 after buying all the pots and a 35l dewar, I went to airgas to get it filled, they did but then said oh its going to be $10 per liter plus hazmat fees.... So was my first and last time getting ln2 :( no one else sells and wont deliver to home so poof that was so much fun while it lasted 

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