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Computex 2014: Who Is Going? Where are the OC events!


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Registration is now open. This is the English site: https://computex.leadexpo.com/EN-index.html


Overclockers Attending



- Splave

- FireKillerGR

- XtremeAddict

- Christian Ney

- marmott

- Bullshooter

- crazzzy85

- l0ud_sil3nc3

- pro

- riska

- Leeghoofd

- redmax

- Black Cobra

- ViVi

- steponz

- borandi




- der8auer

- sofos1990 (1.6. - 12.6.)

- pastelidis (1.6. - 12.6.)

- Lucky_n00b

- dinos22

- Massman

- Hiwa

- M.Beier (30.5 - 21.6.)

- marmott







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In the hardware media world the Computex show isn't even considered until after CeBit. :) With that being said it is too early for me to know for sure. Chances are I'll be there sweating my arse off looking for the next oasis of LN2. I hear the stuff can cool you down pretty fast. ^^

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