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Its time to overhaul XTU.....


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The pink elephant in the room needs to be addressed. (Even if 99% of the people dont even know what it is)


There are some nefarious tweaks in XTU that make it unfair to the layman bencher.


Here is a 4770k on air for example. 10ghz why not?





Same can be easily achieved on x99.





And here is a step by step way to do it.


1. Download process lasso

2. Open

3. Disable Pro balance garbage File->Pro Balance

4. Next you are going to go to default process priorities

5. Type in p95-bench.exe and select realtime from the drop down and add to list

6. Loop XTU till you get a WR.


You'll notice that the rotation above the XTU process bar will be glitchy fast then slow etc that's how you know its working. Also the Mhz will be super high but you can make them look more normal by under clocking or even using slow mode to get a nice round ln2 able figure.


Better yet you dont need a screen shot so who cares if it says 10 GHZ, your validation file will work just fine.


I can confirm working on z77/z87-z97/x79/x99 in my short testing of this "tweak"



The ones that use this dont even feel shame for they arent doing anything that is classified as a hack, they arent touching files, they arent changing files, they arent even tricking the timer etc. And I wouldnt classify it as a bug as its reproducible easily.



So I think XTU needs an overhaul....maybe now that some smart people know this tweak, they can figure out what causes this to work and help it to be closed. But if you were to ask me I feel all XTU results should loose points for now and if and when its fixed, start fresh with the newest version and require Screenshots as well.

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[joking mode on]


At this point , i believe it's the perfect time to say , that XTU has given a lot to the overclocking community ... and it should be awarded with even more points , here at Hwbot.


More points to XTU !!!

Hip-hip Hurray ...


[/joking mode on]



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Some initial feedback on this topic.


This issue was highlighted to the XTU development team on May 7, 2015. Our report was based on findings of user @henkenator68NL who provided us with the test data via @HiVizMan. Based on the findings, the XTU development team added a fix in v6.0.2.8 which prevents a user from changing the priority of the benchmark process or any other XTU related processes. This version was released in October 2015.


Based on this thread we'll check if this issue is still present on the latest XTU release and if so, check with the XTU development team for more information.

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