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10 hours ago, D@R3 said:

So Is Stage 7 3dmark01. A AMD only Cpu/Gpu stage as it reads.

yes full AMD platform

9 hours ago, yosarianilives said:

Also don't think it ever got clarified what sockets are combined. Obviously 1151 is a single socket, but what about am3 and am3+ or am2 and am2+? Will they get combined? 

LGA1151-V2 will be added by Frederik, AM2 and co are different sockets

6 hours ago, niobium615 said:

Honestly, it seems a bit strange to me that the Titan V would be allowed while the Titan Z/Pro Duo are both banned.  Any rarity or cost argument that could be made against either of the dual GPU cards seems like it would be an even stronger case against the TV.

Titan V is out of the cup

5 hours ago, TASOS said:

Can we let Titan's out ?

Lets reserve them for next year.


we have to allow them somewhere minus the V and Z version

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50 minutes ago, Leeghoofd said:

yep normally if all goes well ?

Sorry, quick follow-up/afterthought - there was some suggestion before that socket was by board and not CPU, is this still the case?  So for example (to pick the most annoying examples) a Crosshair IV with an FX-8150 would count as AM3, a Crosshair V with a sempron 145 would count as AM3+?  Sorry to be awkward :P

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  • Crew

Socket 1151 V2 is added by Frederik, plz fill in correct motherboard type and specs


Background nr 1 added to the rulez

Be aware thisbackground will rotate at the 1st of december, all benchmarks run with background nr1 need to be submitted at 30th November latest. Late submissions will NOT count!!!!


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21 hours ago, mickulty said:

Ok so to be clear, does that mean bclk submissions could be;

  • 1151v1
  • 1151v2
  • AM3+
  • AM3
  • AM2+
  • AM2


same question for stage4, amd spi32m subs. can the same cpu go on am2, then am2+, am3, am3+ platforms ?
for these amd cases, different sockets will also mean different cpu models ?
similarly, will 775 on ddr2 be differentiated from 775 with ddr3 ?

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Omg how many things you guys can find. If a frog would be disected in here would turn out to be with 6 fck legs :)).

I guess common sense let’s you submit only one score per 775 ,no matter ddr2 or ddr3,why would you think otherwise ?

Next question would be if  you could split it by chipsets (p35/p45/x38/x48/g31 etc).

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  • Crew

for the different CPU socket, an example

one E8600 CPU for S775 on a DDR3 board , if your country submits an E8500 on DDR2, the highest ref frequency will count and will make the other score redundant

one CPU for 2011

one for AM2

A different CPU for AM3


Each country just needs subs of 8 different CPUs BUT related to the CPU-Z socket which is mentioned by CPU-Z... If you sub two S775 CPUs only the highest one will count for the compo...

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