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bigblock990 - Core i3 7350K @ 6783MHz - 771 cb Cinebench - R15


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2 hours ago, yosarianilives said:


Does it ? Quick n' Dirty comparison of the Top 10 submissions simply based on amount of CB points earned per MHz of freq is showing this.
Keep in mind BigBlock990's score is the only one done with BenchMate AND most the lower efficiency subs are old, basically from launch meaning probably didn't run as much as more recent runs to squeeze out that last 0.0001% of perf

Efficiency                                                                          Score
Rank        cb per MHz             score    User                    Rank        

5th     0.1136603773584906    753    Ikki                      10th

6th     0.1135628656949897    755    Dancop                 9th

9th     0.1132245020218661    756    ale belo                 8th

10th   0.1131907308377897    762    funsoul                 7th

7th     0.1133928571428571    762    Xtreme Addict     6th

2nd    0.113944817300522       764    Loud                     5th

8th     0.1133165456969338    765    rsannino               4th

3rd     0.1137644615840997    767    Luumi                    3rd

1st     0.1140650527253824    768    Splave                   2nd

4th     0.1136665192392747    771    bigblock990         1st

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6 hours ago, unityofsaints said:

Since Benchmate is known to affect Cinebench scores this needs to go in the dedicated CB15 with BenchMate category imo

This is not true, BenchMate does not change CINEBENCH scoring. CINEBENCH uses timeGetTime() which uses the system's clock interrupt to accumulate time. The time source for the clock interrupt in Windows 8 and 10 is either the LAPIC timer by default or HPET (useplatformclock = true). The LAPIC timer is exactly the same timer as RDTSC, the CPU's timestamp counter. Because timeGetTime() is not precise enough (a timestamp can be skewed by 10 ms for example due to the accumulation and a rude division to be backwards compatible), I decided to use the more precise CPU timestamp instead for CB. This is the same time source, just more precise. The score doesn't really change, but it's more stable.

Switching to HPET for the whole system (useplatformclock) would affect the CINEBENCH scoring a lot more.

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@GtiJason @_mat_ You're both missing the point. I didn't say this particular score was bugged and I didn't say BenchMate actively changes Cinebench scoring. I'm just stating that CB15 with Benchmate constitutes another benchmark, since e.g. it allows Windows 10 while CB15 without Benchmate doesn't. It wouldn't be fair on anyone to mix those two.

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Thanks everyone!

@unityofsaints You are missing the point. Benchmate is the the way forward. If we require all benches to have a separate category "with benchmate" then what is the point of staying on hwbot? It would make WAY more sense for matt to create his own database, and leave hwbot behind.

Also you are incorrect about win10. All skylake and newer intel platforms are legal on any OS with or without benchmate.


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I have no problem to make BenchMate open source. I just doubt that there would many advantages, instead it give insight on how to trick it. Especially the HWBOT submission and its mandatory requirement to store zhe encryption key inside the executable would be easily visible.

But I am open to discuss this further!

My idea was to give the source code away to an overclocker I deem trustworthy to push this forward even without me available/alive.

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