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[CLOSED] [FREEBIE] Ultra Mod Gigabyte GTX460 SOC


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Hello Hwbot,

I have a really special card that I'd like to give away to one random person. To be included in the random drawing, all you need to do is make a post in this thread. After a month or so after this post I will use https://www.randompicker.com/ to automatically select a winner from all the entries. This freebie open to everyone with an Hwbot account made on or before this posting.

Back Story

A few months ago I was hunting for some nice DDR1 and @Mr.Scott  offered to give me a really sweet kit for free. His generosity inspired me to give back but I didn't know how to do so. Then I was up late drinking while shopping on eBay (terrible idea) and I scored a very special GTX460 SOC. After testing the card I was very impressed because it tied my #1 bin card from 16 samples. I do love this card but I thought it would be a perfect way to give back...once it's nicely modded out of course ;)

The Card

For most of you it doesn't need any introduction. This is the king of 460's and one of the only cards to come with the high bin Samsung HC04 memory (most are lower spec. HC05 or Hynix). While it's a special card and clocks like a monster, it's also problematic because of PWM protection such as OCP/OVP. After going duking it out in the OCN 460 competition I know exactly what this card needs to fly, so I gave it the royal treatment.


  • Voltage displays: Core, Memory, PLL
  • Core 6-bit VID do defeat OVP
  • OCP disable via SMT part removal
  • This card suffers from a bad CBB around -60c which can be a royal pain when you are benching at -130c and then crash, so that pesky CBB is now gone via hard mod ;)
  • Core FB voltmod
  • Memory FB voltmod
  • PLL FB voltmod

What's the catch?

I already invested too much money buying the card so I don't want to get stuck with shipping costs too. If you win this freebie I will ask you to cover the shipping costs via PayPal money sent to me. I can ship priority USA for $16. International is VERY expensive, but if you decide to ditch the stock cooler I can get the cost down to about $27 for no-tracking slow boat or $50 ish for priority. If you want the stock cooler and you live outside USA, prepare your wallet :)








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